Taping Course

The "Taping-Method" is a holistic therapy involving the application of different colours of sticky elastic tape to the body in an effort to stimulate different anatomical structures of the skin and locomotor system. For example Muscles, Facies, Nerves, Lymph nodes, Ligaments, Pain receptors. In doing so profound healing processes are put into action for example: Pain or functional limitations in the locomotor which are healed as a result of the taping method.

The course will take place in two parts and each part will take place over two days. The maximum number of participants for one course is restricted to 10-12 people. www.dresdner-heilpraktikerschule.de training under the FDH Association of Saxony.

The course gives in depth details of different tape providers as well as teaching both theoretical and practical aspects of the revolutionary "Taping-method" , which can complement and improve the treatment results of Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Lymph treatments, resulting in well rounded and effective treatment plan.